Thanks, Paul!

Paul Slater

This was posted on the Masters Swimming Australia Facebook page…

This week MSA are celebrating National Volunteer Week and one of our fantastic volunteers is Masters Swimming NSW’s Paul Slater.

Paul has held many volunteer positions on the Seaside Pirates Masters Swimming Club committee – President, Secretary and at present he is the treasurer of the club.

Since taking over the finances last year, he has completely rewritten the accounting system to make it easier for the club members to understand. He reports the finances at the monthly meetings and now it is very open and can be understood by everyone.

As treasurer he is responsible for the finances, but Paul takes on other roles in the committee when necessary. Paul also helps in the “back room” at all State meets and assisted at the 2013 National Championships.

Paul attends all NSW AGM’s usually as the representative for the Pirates and usually has very relevant comments during these meetings. Last year it was Paul who asked if during the AGM MSNSW could remember all members who were no longer with us as a mark of respect- an idea MSNSW have taken up during the AGM.

Paul’s experience and longevity in Masters Swimming is invaluable and we usually defer to his knowledge when it comes to questions on the constitution or the running of the club.

Jane Noake
Seaside Pirates President

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