Pirates in the World Top 10

Congratulations to the following Pirates who were named in the World Top 10 in 2013:

  • Georgi Kinsela – 50m breast, 100m breast and 200m breaststroke
  • Greg Phillips – 100m freestyle (short and long course)
  • Darren Paton, Richard Upton, Staffan Wensing, John Bates – 160 4x100m freestyle relay
  • Darren Paton, John Bates, Peter Kerr and Staffan Wensing- 160 4x50m freestyle relay
  • James Watson, Peter Kerr, John Bates and Darren Paton – 160 4x 50m medley relay
  • Cathy Codling – 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle
  • Mitchell Patterson – 50m fly, 100m fly
  • John Bates – 50m fly

Congratulations we are very proud of your achievements.

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